About Healing Alchemy

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 Keith Goodwin

Keith has been working in the field of spiritual healing for many years. He is a full healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and a Registered Healer of the Suffolk Healers Association.

Keith experienced serious health problems from childhood, continuing into adult life, resulting with invasive kidney surgery. His journey back to recovery and wholeness began by receiving spiritual healing at a local natural healing centre in Colchester, Essex.  Keith continues to work on himself himself at a deep core level to gain further insight and understanding of the evolving human condition.

We can experience difficulties on many levels, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Using person centred, holistic principles, Keith provides a professional yet sensitive setting for individuals with an Integrated Shamanic approach to healing, working closely with mother earth, the natural world to provide a safe and secure environment.

Keith also facilitates his own courses, workshops and groups throughout the year and frequently exhibits at Mind Body Spirit Festivals in East Anglia.



Anna Gilbert

 Anna is a qualified Therapeutic Counsellor with a Diploma in Integrative Counselling (A BACP Accredited Course Programme Gold Book Standards).  She also successfully completed a course in Bereavement awareness with Cruse in 2012.

Anna is also a healer and is Keith’s partner and together, they make the team Healing Alchemy.

In 2004 Anna began her healing journey after experiencing health issues relating to previous surgery and long term stress. Feeling there was a greater meaning to life, she decided to explore her inner nature and connection to the higher self, through regular Healing and Therapeutic Counselling.

Recently Anna is recovering from breast cancer and through a core energetic approach is working on the causal factors of this condition, on a psycho-spiritual level.