Ancestral Healing Workshop

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Release yourself from a ‘self-defeating loop’ that binds you to debilitating patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you.

Break the cycle of disruptive Ancestral patterns where whole families can be caught up in a repetitive cycle of imbalance

Life can be challenging and traumatic from childhood into adult life, resulting in low self-esteem, co-dependency, dysfunctional relationships and debilitating patterns of behaviour, keeping you in a never ending cycle that no longer serves you.

A good analogy is of a vinyl record where the stylus keeps getting stuck and being unable to move on to the next track without some personal intervention necessary.

The imbalances have manifested as negative ties or cords within the chakra system and the human energy field to individuals, personal experiences, traumas etc.

Often, whole families can be caught up in a repetitive cycle of imbalance originating from previous generations that can leave an imprint within the unconscious and even at a cellular level. Yet it can take just one person to break this cycle.

By the process of Ancestral Healing and Tie-Cutting (also known as De-cording) you will begin to break free from this “self-defeating loop”, changing these debilitating patterns, reduce karmic baggage and creating a positive energy for future generations.

During this workshop you will learn the causes of negative ties/cords and how imbalanced Ancestral patterns have manifested. You will also develop a deeper understanding of the chakra system and its’ significant role within the work at hand.

Visualisation techniques have been specifically created and provide essential underpinning in your self-development over the two days.

This isn’t a quick fix method and course participants may need further support in releasing negative ties within this incarnation and personal soul history.

Ultimately it’s about your own latent power to “heal thyself” that needs awakening. “But I can only show you the door. You’re the one who has to walk through it” (The Matrix 1999)

I don’t pretend to have all the answers but will give my very best in supporting you finding your own.

Dates: On-Going

To reserve your place please contact Keith Goodwin  01206 213103/07846 246782