Atlantean Attunements for The Aquarian Age

Course Outline

Millennia ago, at the height of evolutionary existence on this planet, the Atlantean civilisation lived in balance, harmony and in regular communication with the earth spirit; also receiving wisdom from the levels of light. When imbalance and disharmony set in higher levels of awareness became increasingly difficult to maintain, resulting in a lower vibratory rate which resulted in Atlantis ending as a civilisation, continuing with generations that followed, to the human race as we now know it today, where we see increasing imbalances daily across the globe.
Once again we are living at a time of great change, where our relationship with planet earth and all life forms becomes ever more relevant. 2012 was a window of opportunity, not an end in itself. If we do not take true responsibility at this pivotal moment in earth’s history, it will be a very long time before another quantum leap in consciousness is available to us once more.


A few years ago higher levels of awareness began to open up when working with clients and spiritual development groups, when Attunements resonating to the vibratory rate of Atlantis began manifesting as a result; leading me to create an opportunity for other individuals to also re-connect with their Atlantean Heritage.

The Attunement process is accessed through your higher self with support from the Archangels and Ascended masters linking to the chakra system, unlocking dormant areas within their energy matrix. Connections or pathways are created activating the transpersonal chakras for the next step in our evolution.

For the Attunements to be truly effective will involve personal work that includes Core Energy De-Cording/Tie-Cutting at an Atlantean Ancestral level, to release any negative ties/cords/imbalances from our soul history that hold us back from moving forward and fulfilling our potential. Therefore this course requires dedication and commitment.

Humanity has an opportunity in evolving to those levels experienced in Atlantis at its height and beyond. We either maintain a lifestyle based on material attainment based on an outdated and manipulative system or truly co-creating with the universe in an environment based on compassion, unity and trust.

Keith Goodwin – Founder of Healing Alchemy

Attunements in reclaiming our Atlantean Heritage beyond 2012

Programme-Day One

Dedication to the Day

Course Purpose

Atlantis, Angels and Ascended Masters

The Chakras

Core Energetic De-cording

General De-cording Visualisation

The Merkaba

General Atlantean Attunement


Programme-Day 2

 Dedication to the Day

Chakras and the Developmental Years

Base Chakra De-cording & Attunement

The Solfeggio Frequencies

Sacral Chakra De-Cording & Attunement

Solar Plexus Chakra De-Cording & Attunement

Programme-Day 3

Dedication to the Day

Heart Chakra De-cording & Attunement

Ancestral Karma/Soul History Cords

Throat Chakra De-Cording & Attunement

Brow Chakra De-Cording & Attunement

Programme-Day 4

Dedication to the Day

Crown Chakra De-cording & Attunement

Ancestral Healing Prayer of Atlantis

The Sacred Twelve

Twelve Chakra Alignment/Attunement

Atlantis Reclaimed

*Time table is flexible due to the non-linear energetic nature of course content



Investment: £60 per day x 4   (One to one sessions are also available by arrangement, costs subject to negotiation. Please contact Keith for details)
Course Dates: On-Going
Availability: Please enquire for further information