Healing Ourselves and the Earth Spirit

Releasing the Ancestral Ties of Disempowerment

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Releasing the Ties of

Ancestral Disempowerment                                   2-Day Intensive Workshop

Release yourself from a ‘self-defeating loop’ that binds you to debilitating patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you.

Break the cycle of disruptive Ancestral patterns where whole families can be caught up in a repetitive cycle of imbalance

You have the power to change your life

*See overleaf for Workshop Outline*

25th& 26th November 2017 10am-5pm      Investment: £95   Venue: Eight Ash Green, Essex

To reserve your place please contact Keith Goodwin                                        01206 213103/07846 246782                 keith@healingalchemy2012.co.uk       www.healingalchemy2012.co.uk


“Releasing the Ties of Ancestral Disempowerment”-Workshop Outline

Life can be challenging and traumatic from childhood into adult life, resulting in low self-esteem, co-dependency, dysfunctional relationships and debilitating patterns of behaviour, keeping you in a never ending cycle that no longer serves you.

A good analogy is of a vinyl record where the stylus keeps getting stuck and being unable to move on to the next track without some personal intervention necessary.

The imbalances have manifested as negative ties or cords within the chakra system and the human energy field to individuals, personal experiences, traumas etc.

Often, whole families can be caught up in a repetitive cycle of imbalance originating from previous generations that can leave an imprint within the unconscious and even at a cellular level. Yet it can take just one person to break this cycle.

By the process of Ancestral Healing and Tie-Cutting (also known as De-cording) you will begin to break free from this “self-defeating loop”, changing these debilitating patterns, reduce karmic baggage and creating a positive energy for future generations.

During this workshop you will learn the causes of negative ties/cords and how imbalanced Ancestral patterns have manifested. You will also develop a deeper understanding of the chakra system and its’ significant role within the work at hand.

Visualisation techniques have been specifically created and provide essential underpinning in your self-development over the two days.

This isn’t a quick fix method and course participants may need further support in releasing negative ties within this incarnation and personal soul history.

Ultimately it’s about your own latent power to “heal thyself” that needs awakening. ” But I can only show you the door. You’re the one who has to walk through it” (The Matrix 1999)

I don’t pretend to have all the answers but will give my very best in supporting you finding your own.

Peace and Blessings,                                                                                          Keith Goodwin-Healing Alchemy

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The Healing Tent at Eight Ash Green Music Festival, Essex, Saturday 15th July 2017 1pm-6pm

Eight Ash Green Healing Tent Revised

Keith Goodwin and Keziah Osborne present THE HEALING TENT, a sacred space for visitors who wish to experience the benefits of Complimentary Therapies.

Including: Spiritual Healing, Therapeutic Counselling Enquiries, Crystal healing, Indian Head Massage

Plus Essential Oils,  Spiritual Artwork, Women’s Well Being,  Henna Body Art

Come and enjoy a day that is not only filled with peace and harmony found within THE HEALING TENT but the wonderful entertainment at our local EIGHT ASH GREEN MUSIC FESTIVAL, ESSEX which has grown over the years to be a vibrant and exciting date in the Calendar. NOT TO BE MISSED!

We look forward to seeing you there!

For further enquiries please contact Keith Goodwin 07846 246782, keith@healingalchemy2012.co.uk  or find us on facebook

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Workshop: A Journey through the Chakras

chakra images                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

The chakras are gateways to higher consciousness and integral in how we form relationships, not only to other human beings in our daily lives but to planet Earth itself

Our energy system is subject to the effects of challenges and stress in a world where we can often feel out of balance, seeking to find a way to integrate mind, body and spirit.

This workshop will not only be informative but experiential enabling deeper understanding of who we are and our place in the universe.

Above all this is a space where the material covered can be applied within our daily lives in a practical and grounded way.

Sunday 23rd July 2017  10am-5pm Investment £40    Please contact Keith Goodwin    01206 213103/07846 246782   keith@healingalchemy2012.co.uk   www.healingalchemy2012.co.uk

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Chelmsford Mind Body Spirit Festival 3rd&4th June 2017

Hi Everyone,  my partner Anna and myself are looking forward to meeting you at this fabulous event organised by Chris Cozens Founder of Life Arts…….
“To see all of our Exhibitors, Workshops and Stage Performances, click on the link below and then find the green button which says “For full weekend guide CLICK HERE”
We hope you can join us over the weekend. It’s our biggest event of the year and it’s just £4 for the day, or £6 if you’d like to come on both days (£3.50 and £5.50 for concessions) accompanied under 16’s are free”.
June 3rd & 4th 2017
Hamptons Sport & Leisure Ltd (formerly Marconi)
Off Beehive Lane
So lets us all make this an event to remember and share the love!

Chelmsford Mind Body Spirit Festival 2017 – Life Arts MBS Events & Holistic Courses
The main stage will play host to demonstrations and performances from some of our previous stage acts.. Find out more soon!

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World Sound Healing Day 14th February 2017

Please join us in our home to celebrate World Sound Healing Day on Tuesday 14th February 2017. 7pm-9.30pm.

By connecting to our Heart Chakra we will be projecting the energy of compassion and love with the Sacred sound “AH” to Gaia, our Mother Earth. By linking up with others around the world we can change Global Consciousness!

We are all one and in truth there is no separation. This is an illusion created over millennia to hide the truth of oneness of ALL life on our Home, Mother Earth.

We heal our planet and we heal ourselves. 

We heal ourselves and we heal our planet. 

The sounding officially begins 12 Noon, however we are starting at 7pm in consideration of those who maybe be working at the earlier time.

Please bring food to share, it will be lovely to see you.

Love and Blessings from Keith Goodwin and Anna Gilbert of Healing Alchemy

Tel 07846 246782/01206 213103

Email: keith@healingalchemy2012.co.uk

Web: www.healingalchemy2012.co.uk

For further information, see links below regarding Sound Master Jonathan Goldman the inspiration and creator of world sound healing day.


World Sound Healing Day 2017




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Cutting the Ties of Dis-Empowerment Introductory Worksop 10th September 2016 10am-4pm

Life can often be challenging and at times traumatic from our developmental years through to adulthood, leading to low self-esteem, co-dependency, debilitating patterns of behaviour and dysfunctional relationships.

As a result, negative ties or cords to others or situations can develop within the Chakra System keeping you in a never ending cycle that no longer serves you.

A good analogy is of a vinyl record where the stylus keeps getting stuck and being unable to move on to the next track without some personal intervention necessary.

By the healing process of “Tie-Cutting” (also known as De-Cording) you will begin the process of breaking free from this “self-defeating loop” that binds you; using visualisation techniques specifically created to help you move forward and gain personal empowerment

Saturday 10th September 10am-4pm Investment £35         Contact Keith Goodwin: 01206 213103/07846 246782 keith@healingalchemy2012.co.uk   www.healingalchemy2012.co.uk

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Ancestral Healing Workshop 21st August 2016 10am-5pm

This is an introductory workshop for releasing long held debilitating ancestral patterns where often whole families can be caught up in a repetitive cycle of imbalance, originating from previous generations, often at an unconscious level. Yet it can take just one person to break this cycle.

Deeper understanding, compassion and forgiveness will also help those ancestors on the level of light to evolve. Guided visualisations have been created specifically for healing across the generational line, creating a positive energy in this lifetime and beyond.

Date: Sunday 21st August 2016 10am-4pm

Investment: £30

Please contact Keith Goodwin or Anna Gilbert 01206 213103/07846 246782/07932 654234   keith@healingalchemy2012.co.uk    www.healingalchemy2012.co.uk 

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Healing and Relaxation Days at Eight Ash Green, Colchester, Essex 14th, 23rd January, 27th February 2016 10am-5pm

Stress is one of the principal factors leading to poor health on many levels. Common problems include disturbed sleep patterns. Often individuals go to bed exhausted with periods of wakefulness and meet the new day still feeling tired and low on energy. A Healing and Relaxation taster session is an ideal opportunity in restoring peace and harmony in a busy and demanding world.

Sessions: 20 Minutes £10, 30 Minutes £15

For appointments and further information please call Keith Goodwin 01206 213103/07846 246782

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”Sun and Moon Chakra Journey” Full Moon Workshop

Meditation and visualisation techniques are often based around  “the light” which can feel, at times rather an abstract concept. To truly experience the unique flavour of creation we need to understand and embrace the fullness of our spiritual natures from a solar and lunar perspective as we develop our relationship with mother earth.

This is an experiential workshop using visual/energetic techniques to truly balance out our chakra and energy system. During the course of the workshop you will feel the subtle changes as late afternoon flows into evening and sunset, bringing a deeper understanding and unique awareness for each participant.

Monday 28th September 4-9pm     Investment: £25

To book your place please contact Keith Goodwin or Anna Gilbert

01206 213103/07846 246782/07932 654234

keith@healingalchemy2012.co.uk www.healingalchemy2012.co.uk

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Core Energetic De-cording “Healing for the Aquarian Age”

Core Energetic De-cording is a process of cutting negative ties or cords created from life’s experiences and karmic influences, changing the energy of co-dependency, old patterns of behaviour and conditioning.

Within this introductory workshop you will learn vital skills for healing yourself at a core level, gaining personal empowerment and fulfilling your potential,

Saturday 14th March, Sunday 7th June

10am-4pm    Investment £30

Please contact Keith Goodwin or Anna Gilbert

01206 213103/07846 246782/07932 654234

keith@healingalchemy2012.co.uk        www.healingalchemy2012.co.uk

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