Healing Ourselves and the Earth Spirit Workshop

Our journey to healing and wholeness is interwoven in how we view our relationship with Mother Earth.
Like us, the earth is a spiritual being evolving to higher levels of creation. Human beings have, through conditioning seen themselves superior to other species and the planet. To compound this, people have been sold the idea that either they are separate from the creative source or it doesn’t exist! This has led to confusion and a sense of isolation. Humanity’s effect on planet earth is evident for all to see and a time of healing is so vital now in moving forward.

This one day workshop provides a sacred space to build a firm foundation for our spiritual evolution by linking closely with the earth spirit. This ultimately supports us to grow and fulfil our potential, rather like branches of a tree reaching up to the sunlight, facilitating our connection with the higher self; that part of the soul held within the levels of light that guides us on our life’s path.

The energy system, including the chakra and human energy field or aura will be explored through a creative visualisation process to achieve a greater understanding and awareness of your true self. Healing energies from source consciousness will be accessed as a result, not only your own well-being, but planet earth also.
An environment of true understanding and compassion is created from the union of mother earth, all life forms, including ourselves and the source of creation.

As you develop your awareness and grow, others around you are given permission to follow suit.

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Healing Ourselves and the Earth Spirit

Investment: £30
Workshop Dates: On-going
Availability: Please contact Keith to reserve your place