”Sun and Moon Chakra Journey” Full Moon Workshop

Meditation and visualisation techniques are often based around  “the light” which can feel, at times rather an abstract concept. To truly experience the unique flavour of creation we need to understand and embrace the fullness of our spiritual natures from a solar and lunar perspective as we develop our relationship with mother earth.

This is an experiential workshop using visual/energetic techniques to truly balance out our chakra and energy system. During the course of the workshop you will feel the subtle changes as late afternoon flows into evening and sunset, bringing a deeper understanding and unique awareness for each participant.

Monday 28th September 4-9pm     Investment: £25

To book your place please contact Keith Goodwin or Anna Gilbert

01206 213103/07846 246782/07932 654234

keith@healingalchemy2012.co.uk www.healingalchemy2012.co.uk