Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing has its origins in the ancient world. Over millennia, civilisations across the planet developed a variety of Healing systems. Regardless of terminology a common thread emerged. As spiritual beings we are intrinsically connected to our Earth Mother, the life forms that inhabit this planet, the Universe in general and ultimately the Source of Creation. There is no separation only unity, anything else is an illusion.


Spiritual Healing can be very beneficial for individuals experiencing challenges on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels.  There are no “quick fixes” and within a Sacred Space using a person centred approach, Keith will support you at every stage of your healing journey, leading to more balance and better quality of life.

Using a holistic model, the individual is treated as a whole person, not just with a presenting symptom. For example someone may have a broken limb. Is it just the physical fracture that needs healing but also a debilitating effect on them emotionally and psychologically? Indeed, if severe and long term, the condition may lead to anxiety and depression, where a re-evaluation of their life purpose is necessary.

Through the Healer’s hands, energies are channelled to the individual, enabling the body’s own resources to deal with illness (dis-ease) or injury in the best possible way. Feeling unwell may also be an indication that our lives need to be re-evaluated.

Stress and Anxiety are increasingly debilitating factors of our modern world. One of the most common symptoms is poor quality sleep. Do you go to bed exhausted, have a restless night and still wake up tired? Healing and relaxation process work can help provide a solution.

As humanity evolves , I also feel that a greater understanding of the psychological and energetic connection during the healing process is essential. An integrated shamanic approach has been adapted for the modern world, where Ancestral Healing/De-Cording, Soul History Healing/Inner Child Energy Work have become an integral part of my healing practice.

Often a combination of approaches is necessary in changing energies of co-dependency, old patterns of behaviour, conditioning and belief systems; and achieved by removing negative ties or cords created from life’s experiences and our soul history. Indeed, we are faced with on-going social factors at an existential level where we are so often under pressure to conform to a way of life with expectations from the outer world.

However, through experiencing Spiritual Healing we can make the changes in our lives to truly move forward and fulfil our potential.

Other supportive healing modalities to suit an individual’s needs including Spiritual Counselling, Soul Retrieval, and Healing with the Angelic Realms. (Refer to drop-down listing)

Spiritual Healing