Chakra Balancing and Aura cleansing

Chakra Balancing and Aura cleansing

[two_third] When individuals come for a full healing appointment their energy system is naturally worked on but for those who may look to deeper work at a later date or just feel out of sorts, then chakra balancing and aura cleansing will be ideal.

The Chakras are energy centres linked to the physical body within the Human Energy Field or Aura. They have a direct link with our relationship to others and the outside world in general.

The Chakras have numerous attributes with regard to their position and relate to various aspects on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level.
Feeling tired, stressed and anxious can affect the chakra system and will need an input of energy and visualisation work to rebalance the system.

When Chakra Balancing, the Human Energy Field or Aura can be cleansed of any heavy energies picked up during our daily lives. Indeed, Keith will be able to support you in strengthening your Aura which will be useful on a daily basis.

Aura Cleansing

One example may be when going into a potentially stressful situation like a job interview, shopping in town or the supermarket where others can get caught up in a busy and often frenetic environment.

We have the ability to function in a productive, pro-active way and no longer be subject to debilitating effects from toxic environments. Let your inner light shine!

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