Healing Beyond the Earth Plane

When individuals come to the end of their lives and eventually pass on, it is the continuing journey of their eternal self.

Occasionally, when there have been difficulties in their physical life and experienced shock or trauma, there can be unresolved issues affecting the deceased person.These souls can remain tied or corded to the earth plane and may need support in moving on to the levels of light.

Sometimes, families are aware of this and Spiritual Healing will be beneficial in letting go, also enabling their deceased loved ones to move on.

In other cases, souls can be tied to a household over many years. At times this can be a cause of dysfunction within the family home. In these cases the soul will need support and encouragement to pass over completely and peacefully.

This is just another facet of Keith’s healing work. Please contact him if you need help and support in this kind of situation.

Healing Beyond the Earth Plane