Inner Child Energy Work

Throughout the various stages of our development, from infancy, childhood, adolescence and continuing into our adult life, the individual goes through a huge learning curve. If they haven’t received the level of encouragement, praise, love, support and parenting necessary, part of their “wounded child” can go into hiding, holding on to painful feelings that can cause further harm to themselves (acting in) or to others (acting out).
Keith is able to support you through a life changing process, including spiritual counselling, healing and visualisation methods, again designed to meet your individual needs. It is a process of re-integration, where we bring aspects of the self, back into union and harmony, allowing us to feel complete, with a sense of wholeness and living our own truth.

“We are born a perfect puzzle with all the pieces fitting correctly. Yet as our lives shape out, it can feel that we lose parts of our very own nature. We may attempt to re-discover ourselves and put the pieces back, but often the wrong piece is forced or pressured to fit in, leaving the individual out of square or balance. I have found through experience that working on a puzzle with someone else is a little easier. In many ways my role is to support you in figuring out the most amazing and intricate puzzle ever, which is you”

Inner Child Work