Ancestral Healing and Karma

What goes around, comes around, is a very simple way of explaining Karma to clients and students. This is the natural law of Cause and Effect. Each choice and resulting action in our lives sends out a ripple of energy, either positive or negative into the universe.

If positive, it helps us on our path to personal growth, as we have so many lessons to experience on our soul’s journey. If negative, then we may need to learn the consequences of our actions in this life or another subsequent incarnation.
There is no judgement, only the natural law of the universe. We have an overall life plan when incarnating, with general themes. Sometimes, however we can be on the end of other peoples’ negative choices which can be very tough to deal with.

Indeed, negative decisions made by our ancestors can send ripples along the generational line. This affects our etheric body which is the template of our physical body causing imbalance within the cellular structure held by our DNA.

Whole families may be affected in this way, yet it can take just one person to “break the mould” and release long held debilitating ancestral patterns that could be manifesting in the here and now. Furthermore, this will also help those ancestors on the level of light to evolve.

On an individual level, experiences from our soul’s history are also held in our energy matrix including the chakra system, human energy field or aura. Often we display imbalances, manifesting in mood swings, phobias, repetitive and debilitating patterns or in a general malaise over the years.

A combination of Ancestral Healing and De-Cording is recommended for those who wish to forward, releasing negative ties in their present circumstances and Ancestral Line.

Karma and Ancestral Healing