Soul Retrieval

When experiencing any trauma on a physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual level, an aspect or part of the psyche or soul “splits off”, removing itself to find solace in the subconscious, as a way of dealing with or managing the pain involved. However the subconscious is not impenetrable and can manifest in self- defeating behaviours.

We think of the brain as the store house of memory. However, energetic patterns relating to trauma can be held in our physical bodies encoded within our Cellular/ DNA structure. Therefore “triggers” can occur within a healing environment, releasing long held heavy energies.

However, the route cause still needs to be worked through for lasting changes to manifest. Keith will support you using visualisation work, again designed to bring the individual and soul energy back into alignment.

Core Energetic De-Cording, Inner Child Work and Soul Retrieval share common threads and at times a combined approach is necessary. At every stage the individual is “in the loop”, playing a vital role in their own healing. We are not robots with fixed limits but amazing and unique spiritual beings, writing our own stories on our Soul Journey. Even great authors may need support at times when going through writers block.