Tie Cutting /Core Energy De-Cording

From birth onwards through our formative years into adulthood we create connections or cords necessary for our growth as human beings. In an ideal world we would have all the support from our families and care givers to provide a firm platform in our development.

However, in reality this is not always the case. Even unknowingly, relationships can become very co-dependent, inhibiting our potential and growth. These imbalanced connections or cords are not affected by time or distance. Even when someone has passed on, those left behind may feel stuck in their grief and bereavement.

Keith is able to support you in letting go of imbalanced or negative cords through visualisation techniques specifically designed for this use.

Indeed, this system encourages you to take a pro-active role during the process, enabling you to take more responsibility over your health and life in general.

“De-Cording is the process of changing the energies of co-dependency, old patterns of behaviour, negative programming, conditioning and belief systems into independence, freedom and liberation of the self. To co-create with the universe, forming positive cords and connections with others for our continuing growth, enabling us to fulfil our potential.

Core Energetic De-Cording